Eaton Post Office with Jane & "GC" the cat.
Eaton Post Office

28th July 2005:
Eaton Post Office, which has been our home for the past ten years has been sold (subject to contract) and we expect to close the business completely at 5.30 pm on Thursday, 18th August 2005. As many of our regular customers will know, the business has not been viable for a number of years - largely because of changes in area demographics and in the method of paying out pensions and other forms of social assistance. We had been content to run the business as a service to the community but, earlier this year, a significant change in our circumstances meant that we are no longer able to do this. Post Office Limited are looking to recruit a subpostmaster/mistress to operate post office services in the village for ten hours a week and anyone with suitable premises is encouraged to contact the Agency Recruitment Team on 0845 601 6260.
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Our future plans:
Subject to the successful sale of our premises at Eaton, we are planning to purchase a narrowboat and explore the inland waterways. Our friends and followers of the adventures of 'GC' (Ginger Cat) will be pleased to know that we intend to keep this website open so that you can follow our travels. For those interested in canals and narrowboats, the boat that we are negotiating to buy is a 62 ft., 'Northwich Trader', all steel, replica motor tug built by R W Davis & Son Ltd. of Saul Junction, Gloucestershire. It is powered by a vintage Kelvin K3 marine diesel built in Glasgow over 50 years ago.

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