Eaton Post Office with Jane & "GC" the cat.

Friday, 16th September 2005:

Latest News:
Eaton Post Office, has now closed and we are expecting to move out before the end of September. The photograph above shows the old shop and post office at closing time on 18th August 2005 - the last day of business. Obviously, it was a very sad moment for us all. We have done our best to run the shop and post office as a community amenity for more than ten years but as many of our regular customers know, it has not been viable for some time.

May we take this opportunity of saying a really big 'Thank You' to those friends who made us welcome in this remote corner of Leicestershire and have supported us at Eaton Post Office. We shall be very sorry to leave, especially because of the many friends we have made here.

May we also express our sincere thanks to past and present residents of Eaton for the surprise party that was arranged for us at the Village Hall on the evening of 9th September 2005. It was a lovely evening and must have required a lot of work to organise. Thank You!

Our future plans:
Subject to the successful completion of our sale, we are planning to purchase a narrowboat and explore the inland waterways. Our friends and followers of the adventures of 'GC' (Ginger Cat) will be pleased to know that we intend to keep this website open so that you can follow our progress. For those interested in canals and narrowboats, the boat that we are negotiating to buy is a 62 ft. all steel replica motor tug built by R W Davis & Son Ltd. of Saul Junction, Gloucestershire. The boat was built about ten years ago as the prototype for the highly respected 'Northwich Trader' class. It is powered by a vintage Kelvin K3 marine diesel, built in Glasgow, and was rebuilt to a very high standard by R W Davis & Son Ltd.

Click here for more information about the mighty K3!

Currently the boat is at a permanent mooring on the River Thames but we did enjoy the experience of helping to move it to Tooley's old dry dock at Banbury for an inspection by Marine Surveyor, Barrie Morse on the 8th September 2005. The day at Banbury was not entirely successful - a 'Northwich Trader' has a draft of about 3ft and the depth of water at the dry dock is supposed to be sufficient to enable a boat of this draft to enter. Unfortunately, the water level at Banbury was lower than expected and despite the efforts of BW staff who tried, in vain, to raise the water level and men with winches who tried to haul it into the dock, the boat went aground half in and half out! After several attempts, the effort of getting it into the dry dock had to be abandoned and with the aid of another boat towing, we managed to reverse out again into deeper water! Notwithstanding the difficulties at the dry dock, the trip to Banbury gave us an early opportunity to observe the boat underway and we were particularly impressed by the exceptional handling qualities that made navigation a real pleasure.

Geoff at the tiller - 7th September 2005
Geoff Towersey steers Narrowboat 'Alnwick' towards Banbury on 7th September 2005

Geoff is not amused - 8th September 2005
Aground outside Tooley's dry-dock - Geoff was not amused!

Banbury with Barrie Morse - 8th September 2005
Opposite Tooley's yard in Banbury, 8th September 2005 - Barrie Morse is inspecting the engine

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