NB 'ALNWICK' at Banbury, October 2005

Monday, 31st October 2005:

The above picture shows 'Alnwick' (with Jane 'posing' on the stern deck) at the Banbury Canal Festival on 11th October 2005 - we were tied up at Banbury just up from the Town lock (adjacent to the Castle Quay shopping centre) from Friday ,7th October until Monday, 10th October 2005. After Banbury we moved northwards to Cropredy and then to our present mooring on the tow path at Fenny Compton near the Wharf Inn.

We have now completed the purchase of our house which is in the pleasant and well serviced Northamptonshire village of Woodford Halse - once a major railway junction on the Great Central Railway main line from Sheffield to London Marylebone. There is some work to do decorating and improving the house so we have taken the decision to keep the boat at Fenny Compton for the Winter.

We had a pleasant surprise during the afternoon of Sunday, 30th October 2005, when we heard the unmistakable sound of 'Flying Scotsman' starting away from a signal check at Fenny Compton. This famous steam engine was returning with a special train from Birmingham to Didcot. As may be expected, 'GC' was the first to respond and we all went out on the tow path to watch the train gathering speed as it disappeared into the distance! The picture below shows 'GC' in one of his favourite locations enjoying the warmth of the engine room.

'GC' in the engine room - October 2005

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