Painting at Welford, April 2006

Sunday, 16th April 2006:

The above picture shows Jane 'posing' for the camera at the end of the Welford Arm. Having left Fenny Compton on Monday 3rd April 2005, we arrived at Welford, after a brief stop at Braunston (to position the car - making use of the excellent 'Great Central Connexion' bus service which links Woodford Halse with Rugby, Braunston, Charwelton and Banbury), on Friday, 7th April 2005.

On the evening of Sunday, 9th April 2005 we entered the dry-dock at Welford ready for cleaning the hull and applying two coats of epoxy based blacking. This work was carried out by Neil Stittle who carried out the work to a very high standard during the next five days. Neil also allowed us to remain living aboard while this was being done and provided facilities for us continue with our task of re-painting the cabin sides. The latter remains to be completed - so 'Alnwick' is currently running without a name - we hope to get the signwiting completed within the next two to three weeks! In the meantime we intend to remain on the southern end of the Leicester section of the G.U.C. - mostly between Welford and Braunston.

Rubbing down the back cabin sides at Welford - April 2006
Jane rubbing down the back cabin sides in Welford Dry-Dock - 12th April 2006

The Paint Job!

We thoroughly rubbed down the back cabin and engine room sides and applied two coats of Craftmaster dark green undercoat, followed by two coats of Masons 'Deep Brunswick Green' enamel - a third and final coat was then applied with a 'Matting Agent' added to reduce the high gloss appearance and provide a nice flat working finish. The other colours being applied are Masons 'Grass Green' at the bow and stern, Masons 'Champagne' and 'Post Office Red' for cabin side lining and handrails etc. The back cabin roof is being finished with Craftmaster 'Raddle Red' and we are planning to finish the exterior of the front cabin in a semi-matt dark grey rather than the present dark green colour.

In the dry-dock at Welford - 12th April 2006
Welford Dry-Dock - 12th April 2006

The other 'Alnwick'!

Whilst boating in December we met another narrowboat with the same name as ours - the butty of a pair of very nice hotel boats - the motor boat is appropriately named 'Morpeth'! The operators of 'Morpeth' and 'Alnwick' provide a wide range of holidays offering the high standards of on-board accommodation and hospitality - with nice big Private Suites and pretty good food.

[Note added 21st december 2008: The company that operated the hotel boats, 'Morpeth' and 'Alnwick' ceased trading in 2007.]

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