Jane on the River Avon, June 2006

Wednesday, 28th June 2006:

On our way to Saul Junction!
The above picture shows Jane at the helm as we 'speed' down the River Avon, between Evesham and Tewkesbury at almost 6 m.p.h.

We are currently moored on the Avon by the huge flour mill in the centre of Tewkesbury and will shortly be making our way out on to the River Severn to head down to Gloucester with the intention of arriving at Saul Junction on the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal just before the Festival starts.

We had hoped to get the boat nicely smartened up before we left Fenny Compton but we just didn't manage it; with so with many jobs still to do and the front cabin still unpainted, we shall probably be the scruffiest 'Northwich Trader' at the festival - and we are in the parade of boats on Saturday! The journey hasn't improved matters, I managed to scrape my new paint off the bows when I misjudged our position in one of the Upper Avon locks and then scraped chunks of paint off the tiller when I allowed it to come into contact with the girders of a steel bridge whilst winding in Tewkesbury!

The engine has performed well so far - it still showers the cabin top (and the steerer) with droplets of black oil when running at anything over 350 rpm and there is a slight blow from the changeover valve on number three cylinder but both conditions seem to have improved with the prolonged fast running that is possible on the rivers. Fuel consumption has remained at less than two litres an hour and even at the higher revs possible on rivers, the coolant temperature has remained at a steady 60 degrees centigrade.

The Paint Job!
We thoroughly rubbed down the back cabin and engine room sides and applied two coats of Craftmaster dark green undercoat, followed by two coats of Masons 'Deep Brunswick Green' enamel - a third and final coat was then applied with a 'Matting Agent' added to reduce the high gloss appearance and provide a nice flat working finish. The back cabin roof is being finished with Craftmaster 'Raddle Red' and we are planning to finish the exterior of the front cabin in a semi-matt dark grey rather than the present dark green colour - this last job will not be completed until later in the year. We were privileged to meet Phil Speight at the Crick Boat Show and hope that we will benefit from his excellent advice.

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