'GC' - December 2006

Tuesday, 19th December 2006:

The picture above shows our cat, 'GC' relaxing in his favourite chair - well it is usually Graham's chair but 'GC' has developed a habit of occupying it whenever Graham gets up! There can be no doubt that 'GC' enjoys the coziness of our boat and when the fires are lit he has a number of favourite places where he can curl up and enjoy the warmth. Having said that, we have been blessed with unusually warm weather in 2006 and, so far, December has followed this trend - it is difficult to believe that this time last year, while we were moored at Fenny Compton, we had already experienced ice on the canal and severe frosts.

Napton Locks re-opened at 3.00 pm on Friday, 15th December 2006 - there had been rumours that the locks might remain closed to boat traffic throughout the Christmas break because when the locks were de-watered for planned maintenance in November, part of the tow path on the pound above the bottom lock collapsed into the canal. In the event, contractors were called in and, using a collection of heavy machinery, they rectified the problem in slightly less than a week. As a result, the canal re-opened on time which is a great credit to the British Waterways team responsible.

With the locks out of use there were very few visiting boats and our Winter Mooring at Napton has felt quite isolated. Passing traffic returned after the locks re-opened and we enjoyed a brief visit from another R. W. Davis 'Northwich Trader', No. 966 'Enid'. The photographs below show respectively, our boat 'Alnwick' on its Winter Mooring at Napton, and, Tony and Val - the proud owners of 'Enid' all in bright Winter sunlight on Sunday, 17th December 2006.

We expect to stay at Napton for the next two or three months - during which time we shall add more information to this website about the history and construction of our boat, its engine and crew!

Winter Mooring at Napton, December 2006

NB 'Enid' at Napton, December 2006

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