Graham & Jane Oliver on 'Alnwick' at Napton - February 2007

Wednesday, 3rd February 2007:

Since arriving back on our Winter Mooring at Napton, very little of our planned 'Winter Maintenance' has been carried out because we have spent most of the time at our house in Woodford Halse. We visit the boat from time to time to make sure that its all right and we run the engine once a fortnight to keep the batteries topped up.

On Saturday, the 27th January, we drove by car to the The Jolly Boatman at Thrupp, just north of Oxford, to meet with other members of the Canal World Discussion Forums - it was a most interesting occasion and having read numerous postings on the forum expressing all sorts of views, preferences and opinions, we had been curious to meet with the real people behind the internet personalities. The event, which we called the 'Oxford Banter', was very enjoyable and there are plans already in hand for a similar event at Braunston.

Graham has done some minor work on our 'new' MGB GT which passed its annual MOT on Friday, 2nd February. The work included changing the tachometer which had developed an annoying habit of flicking back to zero every now and again - we thought, initially, that it was an ignition fault but the replacement cured the problem. In the longer term, we are planning to sell it because, now that we have our boat, we no longer have time to enjoy classic car motoring. As well as offering the car for sale, we are still trying to reduce our various collections and we now have an active section containing wristwatches and pocket watches for disposal in the 'For Sale' section of this website.

On Saturday, 3rd February, we enjoyed a visit from our old friend and former director of the Great Central Railway, Mel Holley who is probably better known for his work as a transport photographer and journalist. Mel took the photographs on this page and, as it was a fine day, we persuaded him to help us turn the boat round. His picture above shows the 'proud owners' on the stern deck, whilst those below show us going astern towards the winding 'ole (a place where boats can turn round) and our Kelvin K3 engine.

Going astern to the winding 'ole - February 2007

In the engine room - February 2007

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