Alnwick's C.A.V. BPE type fuel injection pump

Monday, 25th June 2007: Mobile Again!

The above picture shows our fuel injection pump after the repairs had been completed on Sunday, 17th June 2007. The repair involved boring out the damaged thread where the centre delivery valve holder fits, tapping it out and fitting an aluminium threaded insert. The repair was carried out by Clayfield and Hall of Hinckley who made a first class job of it. As can be seen, we fitted a new delivery valve holder, this was supplied by Peter Slater Fuel Injection Engineers, we also fitted new high pressure fuel injection pipes made for us by Dick Goble.

After refitting the pump and testing the engine we moved 'Alnwick' from Crick to Braunston in preparation for our planned trip to Saul Junction for the annual Canal Festival and Folk event. Whilst at Braunston we stocked up and bought a new satellite television dish from Midland Chandlers to replace the one that had disappeared while we were stranded at Crick! We also stayed long enough to enjoy the first day of the Braunston Historic Narrowboat Rally. Despite the rain, this year's event was probably the best ever with more than 70 magnificently preserved boats in attendance.

We set off for Saul on the afternoon of Saturday, 23rd June and our intended route was to have been via the Grand Union main line, the northern section of the Stratford Canal, the Worcester & Birmingham Canal via Tardebigge and then down the River Severn from Worcester to Gloucester. We completed the first half of the journey in remarkably good time - largely due to being in the company of Rob and Allison, an experienced and energetic crew who were taking a Viking hire-boat round the Warwickshire ring. Together, we managed to cover 17½ miles and 43 wide locks in a day! After we left Rob and Allison at Kingswood Junction , we travelled alone to reach Tardebigge top lock by seven o'clock in the evening on our second full day of travelling. We could easily have reached Saul Junction by midday on Friday but just as we approached Tardebigge, we received the phone message telling us that the event had been cancelled due to widespread flooding of the site. This is a dreadful shame because the organisers had done a tremendous job in putting a first class show together and we, along with many thousands of others, were looking forward to it.

The photographs below show aspects of the Braunston Historic Narrowboat Rally on Saturday, 23rd June 2007 - when we left Braunston at about five o'clock in the afternoon, the parade was still in progress but we were allowed to squeeze through . . .

Braunston Historic Narrowboat Rally - 23rd June 2007

Braunston Historic Narrowboat Rally - 23rd June 2007

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