Lincoln's High Bridge, 04-Jun-2009

Monday, 29th June 2009: Home from our 'Passage to Lincoln'

We are now back on our home mooring at Cropredy, having negotiated 180 locks and 362 miles of canals and rivers since leaving here on 21st April 2009. The photograph above (taken by John East) shows 'Alnwick' on the River Witham, having just passed under the famous High Bridge (also known as the 'Glory Hole') right in the busy commercial centre of Lincoln on Thursday, 4th June 2009. We had a wonderful trip and our only regret is that, although we managed to meet up with loads of family, friends and former work colleagues, we just didn't have time to meet everyone that we would have liked to - so we shall just have to make a similar trip again - perhaps next year?

One of the high points of our trip was a visit to the Great Central Railway on Saturday, 30th  May  2009. We were joined there by Graham's son, Richard, daughter-in-law, Anna and our granddaughter, Leila. We all enjoyed an excellent lunch on the railway's First Class Restaurant Car Service.

Our trip was not without the odd 'incident' - while passing through Leicester our 'Klaxon' was virtually destroyed when the bark of a branch from an overhanging willow tree caught under the rear cover and ripped it open. A replacement has been kindly donated by a fellow member of the Canal World discussion Forums and we are extremely grateful for this demonstration of spontaneous generosity.  Later, while negotiating the tidal section of the River Trent, Graham managed to drive 'Alnwick' firmly aground on the ebbing tide and we had to wait six hours for the next flood tide before we could float off! 'GC', the famous ginger cat, was most definitely not amused by what he understood to be Graham's choice of mooring - in the middle of a river! The photographs below show us, literally 'high and dry' on the river - our 'Gallery' now includes a further forty four photographs (with apt descriptions) taken during our trip to Lincoln - click here to see them.

Aground on the River Trent, June 2009

Aground on the River Trent, June 2009

Aground on the River Trent, June 2009

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