Our MGB GT was written off after an accident in April 2005
This web page is pretty well all that is left of it . . .

The accident occurred when another car suddenly swerved across in front of my path, without warning, and hit me head on; the fact that I walked away without a scratch is a great tribute to the car's strength and design. Not many people survive a head on collision without injury. After months of delay, the insurers decided that it was beyond economical repair but I would be most grateful if anyone reading this could tell me anything about its subsequent fate. I have left the rest of this website as it was before the accident - as a sort of memorial . . .


We bought CGL 716D on 17 November 2002, from Toni Dwornik,
motor engineer and designer, best known for his Riley "MPH" styled
Vincent sports cars. The car had 37,400 miles on the odometer and
our enquiries revealed 11 previous owners. Official records state that
the car was built at the end of December 1965 and delivered new to
Bath Garages Ltd., Bath, Somerset on 12 January 1966. It was first
registered on 7 February 1966.

"CGL" at the top of Hard Knott, Cumbria - February 2003

When new, CGL 716D was turned out with British Racing Green
paintwork, black leather upholstery with white piping, knock-on
wire wheels and a heater as factory fitted optional equipment. The
car was restored and re-sprayed in 1990 by its then owner, Lewis
Cox of Jaywick, Clacton-on-Sea. The recorded mileage at that time
was about 31,000 and the car travelled no more than a few hundred
miles a year during the 14 years that it was owned my Mr. Cox.

Shortly after we acquired the car, the wheels were rebuilt and fitted
with new, carefully balanced, Continental 14 x 165 tyres bought
from MGBHive near Wisbech. A reconditioned gearbox and
overdrive unit was fitted by Rugby Classic Motor Garages and the
original SU carburettors were nicely overhauled by Andrew Turner
of South Witham - as a result of this work, fuel consumption has
improved to around 28 mpg and the car performs much better at
touring speeds. It is essentially in original condition, with the
exception of the overdrive (which could have been fitted as an
optional extra), my favourite Fiamme air horns and the classic,
MGA type, Vokes air filters that have been on the car for years.

Jane with "CGL" - touring in Wales - April 2003

During 2004 we have rebuilt the rear axle and suspension, fitted
new brake lines, new front calipers and generally overhauled the
pedal box area.  We also fitted a new rocker shaft with re-bushed
rockers and fitted a new petrol tank, S.U. fuel pump and copper
fuel line.

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