Image of a 1931 Parker Duofold Junior in Burgundy

Vintage fountain pens & pencils
An explanation of some of the terminology I use when describing the condition of items offered for sale.


A pen or pencil that appears to be brand new and unused with no obvious sign of wear or damage.


A pen or pencil that is in original working condition and shows no significant sign of use or deterioration except for minor indications that the item has been inked or otherwise used.

Very Good

A pen or pencil that may have been used extensively but shows no sign of significant deterioration or damage and is complete and working with correct original parts.


A used pen or pencil that is complete and in workijng order but with one or more cosmetic defects such as brassing, worn imprints, surface abrasions, scratches, discoloration, etc. Items described as "Good" often make reliable writers for regular use.

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