Offered for sale is a Gentleman's mechanical Wrist Watch manufactured in the former East German Republic (DDR) during the 1980s to a basic design dating from a much earlier period; this is a typical solid and simple watch that would have been generally available throughout the former Soviet Bloc nations during the 'Cold War' era - it would make an nice accessory for a period play or film and is offered complete with strap - all in 'as new' condition. In full working order but, in view of its age, may benefit from a service.

Mechanical pin pallet movement - UMF 24.00 (10½"'), #0049, silvered brass, no jewels with subsidiary seconds dial. The UMF Caliber 24 movement was made between 1963 and 1987; over 130 million were produced placing it among the best selling mechanical watch movements ever made and they were used in a wide variety of applications where low cost, simplicity and reliability were major considerations. Crown wind and set action.

Gilded brass case, 34mm dia., 18mm lugs with stainless steel snap-on back.

Gilded face with black Arabic numerals; 28.4mm acrylic crystal.

Mechanical watches make the ideal gift - classic appearance and no battery to fade or fail. They do, however, require attention from time to time by a competent watchmaker and although usually good timekeepers, a mechanical watch needs to be wound regularly and carefully. Timekeeping is unlikely to match the exact performance of modern quartz movements but, if properly looked after and regularly serviced, a mechanical watch will still be keeping good time long after its modern counterpart has ceased to function.

This watch was produced by the watchmaking co-operative of the Thuringian town of Ruhla in the former German Democratic Republic before the fall of the 'Iron Curtain' in the early 1990s. The town's watchmaking tradition was founded in 1862 and survived two world wars and occupation by Russia to become one of the main centres for the production of wrist watches in Eastern Europe.

Production of 'low-tech', popular, work-a-day mechanical watches for the masses continued at Ruhla until imports of quartz movements became possible with re-unification of Germany during the early 1990s. Traditional mechanical watches are still made in the former East German factories but todays products include some of the most expensive watches in the world and are aimed at a very wealthy market.

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We know that you will be pleased with this watch and we will back our confidence with a 'No Quibble Guarantee' that if you are unhappy with the item for any reason, you may return it to us and, provided we receive it safely back within ten days of purchase, we will refund the price paid in full.

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