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The following links will take you to the webpages of companies, organisations, forums and people that we have found to be particularly helpful. We hope that you will use your browser to return to our website after visiting any of the links.
Alnwick Rum The legendary tipple of Northumbrian seafaring folk.
Aylesbury Canal Society In the heart of Aylesbury where a warm welcome awaits you.
Barrie Morse Marine Surveyor and RCD Consultant, YDSA, with 25 years experience within the marine industry on the Inland Waterways.
Bill Davies The 'official' Bill davies web site - an experienced commentary on narrowboating through mainland Europe.
Canal World Discussion Forums A friendly discussion based community, with focused discussion on any issue relating to inland waterways.
Canalplan AC Nick's Canal Route Planner - a comprehensive planning tool for Britain's inland waterways.
Craftmaster's paint Developed by Phil Speight and HMG Paints using high quality pigments for canal boats and other historic vehicles.
Fountain Pen Links Friends who supply and repair vintage fountain pens and mechanical pencils. Our list of pens for sale is here.
Inland Waterways Association Safeguarding Britain's inland waterways.
Jim Shead's Waterways Information An extremely comprehensive site containing all forms of information about British navigable waterways, authored by Jim Shead, writer & photographer.
Michael Clarke Narrowboat owner and campaigner for inland waterways living in Belgium with his R W Davis, Northwich Trader No. 952, 'Sika'.
Midland Chandlers Almost everything you need for a narrowboat.
Mike Skyner's Homepages Mike's canal and Kelvin engine pages - packed with useful data.
MML Electrics 12 and 24 volt light bulbs and equipment available on line.
Painting by Design Sheila Smith - waterways artist and signwriter.
Peter & Rita Forbes' Engine WebPages Thousands of pages of tables, pictures and data related to engines, including useful data on C.A.V. injection and electrical equipment.
R W Davis & Son Ltd. Long established shipbuilders, boatbuilders and marine engineers; producing the finest steel vessels on Britain's inland waterways.
Saul Canal Festival Annual boat gathering & folk music festival - supporting the restoration of the Cotswold canals.
Sterling Power Products Producer of marine, automotive and industrial power products.
The Engine Digest Peter Lock's engine forum - subjects are mainly related to Kelvin engines.
Trent Boat Handling Providing friendly, quality training for those using inland waterways.
Wharf House Narrowboats Ltd Friendly establishment near Braunston Bottom Lock providing fuel, gas and a well equipped chandlery - Craftmaster stockist.

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